Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Born Gareth Marc Kinglock in Montego Bay, Jamaica, music was a mainstay growing up. My earliest memories centered around my mother practicing church songs and me singing with her. It was so prominent in my home that when I was primary school age I was asked to sing in the school choir which I gladly did. 

We sang throughout the island at school and church programs. My biggest highlight then was when the school choir tried out for the Jamaican festival. We traveled to Kingston and sang on island television for independence week. 

We didn’t win but it felt great, to a young boy, walking through the community and hearing people say they saw me on the television and what a great job I did. My mother opened up another opportunity for me when she filed for me to come and live with her in the States. 

From my time in Maryland I’ve entered talent shows, recorded music, and traveled back home to record music. I’ve written music, recorded music, and performed at churches, local clubs, and festivals in the Maryland, DC, and VA areas. 

Most recently I’ve worked with legendary Jim Fox of Lion and Fox studios. My first “real” music video was created by Aly Asili. We traveled to Jamaica to film Plant a Seed which was sone of my greatest moments. 

This moment was equaled to the time spent promoting my music at Carifest 2017 in Washington, DC and sharing the same stage with some of my favorites Johnny P, Tiger, Ikaya, and living legend Erol Dunkley at the Jamaican day festival in 2017.

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